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About Us

About Us

Mind Care clinic is a Psychiatric health set-up, functioning since 2017, led by Dr. Ranjeet Chaudhary, M.B.B.S., M.D.(Psychiatry) MIPS Consultant Neuro Psychiatrist, with the aim of creating awareness on mental health and providing exclusive mental health care for those who are in the need.
Dr. Ranjeet Chaudhary, founder of Mind Care clinic is a 1st Neuro psychiatrist of the Mathura city. With more than 5 years of profound experiene in field of Psychiatry, he has previously been Consultant Psychiatrist to many prestigious establishments like LNJP Hospital (New Delhi), Bharati Hospital (Pune), R. K. Mission Hospital (Vrindavan), K.D. Medical College (Mathura), Brij Health Care Centre (Vrindavan).
Dr. Chaudhary believes that preventive Mental Health is the road to the future, and is routinely cited in print media on issues of positive Psychology and Mental Health. His clients and their families appreciate him for his humane and compassionate approach. Mind care clinic offers speciality services of international standards for all mental health problems. Be it addiction to Alcohol, Cannabis , Opioid & other Drugs, Psychosexual and Major Mental Illnesses like Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder,OCD, Depression, Anxiety, Headache and many more .

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Work Experience

  • More then 5 years experience
  • LNJP Hospital, New Delhi
  • Bharati Hospital, Pune
  • R. K. Mission Hospital, vrindavan
  • K.D. Medical College, Mathura
  • Brij Health Care Centre, Vrindavan